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L Train Notwork, 2011

The week of November 14, my collaborators and I hosted little WiFi networks on the L train between the Morgan and 8th Ave stops from 8-10 each morning.

The network served curated local literary arts, image media, news feed headlines, and had a chat feature. The intranet, served by a plug computer and a router, was carried by a team of 15 people we hired, and covered a few cars near the back of the train.

We released a technical document and the code for our mobile web framework.

Collaborators: Chee Seng Sim, Matt and Mark of, and many amazing authors and artists

Trackbacks: Wired, FastCompany, MTV, Gothamist, and many more…

404 Podcast discussion

404 touched most of the issues revolving around our project :)
Credit: 404 Podcast episode link


Mark, Matt, and boxysean
Photo credit: Marc Meyers

Photo credit: Marc Meyers