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Raspberry Pi as a Photography Controller

Jan 05, 2014

This past Sunday, Jason, Reid and I tested out a bullet-time animated GIF photobooth we are working on for a couple of upcoming parties. Reid’s work was having a holiday party so it was the perfect place to test out our idea on real people!

Our camera setup at the New York Hall of Science

I’m interested in automating all aspects of the photobooth, from triggering the shutter to stitching together the images to displaying the final animated GIF to posting the GIF online. Adafruit has been sending me a lot of free Raspberry Pis at work because we’ve recently been placing some large orders, so I wanted to put them to good work as cheap photography controllers.

I’ll release the code when it’s cleaned up, but in short I used libgphoto2, Flask, gifsicle, and bash to stitch everything together.

Our design is inspired by other photobooths, such as the Wobble Booth and the Frozen Pi setup, but is extensible and cheap because it uses cameras we can borrow for temporary setups.

Jason, Sean, and Reid






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